Prof. Dror Fixler

Nano photonics, Fluorescence Imaging and Microscopy Research for Personalized Medicine

The Alexander Kofkin Faculty of Engineering 

Prof. Dror Fixler is the Director of the Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA), and a Lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering.

Fixler is a BIU-educated expert in electro-optics and photonics research including the emission, transmission, detection and sensing of light for biomedical properties. His primary foci are developing new technologies for super resolution microscopy, medical testing, and communications networks.

Fixler's research deals with theoretical and practical models for reconstructing the optical properties of participating media by nano photonic tools. His theory is based on a robust generalization of the diffusion theory; Gerchberg-Saxton algorithm; dipole-dipole approximation and other methods. On the practical side he uses lasers, LEDs and microscopes.

Human tissue is one of the most complex optical mediums since it is nonhomogeneous. Its optical properties are unknown and vary in different tissue areas and physiological states. Because of all of the above, in vivo imaging is a difficult task. In Dror Fixler’s lab we deal with this difficulty by focusing on detection rather than imaging. We use methods which probe the tissue properties by means of the diffusion reflection profile, adding nano particles as contrast agent, the full scattering profile and its isobaric point or iterative phase multiple measurement reconstruction techniques. Furthermore, we use changes in optical parameters, such as fluorescence life time and fluorescence anisotropy to probe the biological surroundings. In Dror’s lab we are able to fabricate Gold nano particles (spheres and rods), organic nano particles (Vitamin B12, Penicillin and Methylene Blue) as well as tissue like phantoms. The applications for these methods include diagnosis of diseases such as cancer and atherosclerosis, examination of different physiological parameters, visualizing enzyme activity and early stage cell mutation detection.




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