Prof. Ilanit Hasson-Ohayon

Department of Psychology

Psychological aspects of personalized medicine and personalized psychological services

Prof. Hasson-Ohayon from the department of psychology in BIU, conduct studies in the field of rehabilitation psychology, mostly in the topic of psychiatric rehabilitation, psychooncology and grief. She completed her PhD at BIU on the topic of psychiatric rehabilitation and did a post-doc in Hadassah medical center in the psychooncology unit. She works both as a researcher and as a clinician in the field of rehabilitation psychology.

Her studies address the coping processes of people and families with illnesses and the possible benefits of psychological treatments. The idea of personal tailored treatment is of major relevant in her studies and highlighted in the publications of studies from her lab. Specifically, in interventional studies she examines the personal characteristics that serve as mediator or moderator for outcome. She also studies communication patterns between patients and medical staff )in psychiatry and oncology) and the need to tailor interventions according to personal characteristics and shared decision making processes.




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