Prof. Shulamit Michaeli

Professor Shulamit Michaeli is the Vice president for Research and the Director of the Dangoor Center for Personalized Medicine. As a microbiologist and a molecular parasitologits, her main research focuses on gene regulation at the level of RNA.  In the last ten years she entered the field of nanotechnology and developed new Nano-drugs to fight cancer as well as Nano anti-parasitic drugs. .  She studies basic processing from RNA splicing, ribosome structure and function, the role of RNA modification, gene silencing and the structure and function of non-coding RNAs.  She recently developed in collaboration with Professor Lellouche the first Nano-drug against Leishmania.

She was trained at Tel-Aviv University and was the first direct PhD student in the Faculty of Life Science.   After receiving her PhD in bacteriology, she was a post-doctoral fellow at UC-Berkeley and UCSF for five years where she studied the sleeping sickness disease caused by parasites.  Upon her return to Israel, she was a researcher at the Weizmann Institute in until joining the Bar-Ilan Faculty as a Professor. Prior to assuming her current role as VP, Prof. Michaeli served as the Dean of Faculty of Life Sciences and the founding Director of the Nano-Medicine Center for Nanotechnology (BINA). In addition, for eight years Professor Michaeli directed the Life Sciences and Medicine division of the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) and also was the head of the Israeli Association for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She participated in several EU consortia, and Israeli excellence research centers (I-core). Michaeli is a member of many national panels including the Psiphass project for sequencing of Israeli citizens.   Professor Michaeli is also a member of the Technion Krotarion.


Prof. Michaeli was the first recipient in the Middle East of a ten year grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and was an International scholar in molecular Parasitology of the HHMI.  She has been awarded several prestigious prizes including: the Landau prize for excellence for her PhD work; the Israeli Microbiology Shilo and Ulizki prizes, the Clore prize at the Weizmann Institute, the Andre Lwoff prize given by the French Academy of Sciences, and the Landau prize In Microbiology. 

Her wide knowledge base and vast experience in medical research in fields such as cancer and infectious diseases have led to the publication of over one hundred and twenty papers and several patents. She has supervised more than hundred M.Sc. and PhD students.   

The Dangoor Center for Personalized Medicine

At the meeting of the Dangoor center held in February 2018 we identified the specific research strengths of our personalized medicine team. The researches in our interdisciplinary center come from the Faculties of Medicine, Life Sciences, Exact sciences, Engineering and Social Sciences.  We aim to develop at least five focal points this coming year which will be augmented through the establishment of impact centers in Cancer and immunotherapy, RNA therapeutics, personalized genetics, Microbiota, Social aspects of personalized medicine.  In years to come we hope to launch additional impact centers in in a bottom up approach.

I encourage all the members to regularly visit the Center's website as it is going serve as an informative and stimulating platform for sharing the progress and successes  of the center, as well as keeping our members informed of various grant applications, awards etc.


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